Timelines Come Alive With Twile

Timelines are great research tools, but now there are great storytellers too!

Timelines are very useful research tools for the genealogist. Not only do they show your ancestor’s place in history, they also show the gaps in your research. There are all kinds of timeline options ranging from printed sheets to Excel templates. While these are very useful, they can also be rather clunky. When you find sources to fill in a gap in your timeline, the editing necessary to add that…

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Introducing Twile

A timeline is a very useful research tool. It helps us see our ancestors’ place in history. There are a number of timeline templates to help us build a timeline, but they all pale when compared to Twile. This amazing platform will transform a GEDCOM of your family tree into a gorgeous presentation of each person’s place in history. A marriage shown in context with World War II In this timeline,…

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