Your Family Infographic

Have you checked out Twile yet? It’s the gorgeous way to create a timeline of your family’s history. They have always had this very cool infographic showing stats about your family, but it was only in digital format. Not any more!

Previously only available as a digital version to share online, you can now order your infographic as a high resolution print, to add to the family album or show off in a frame over the mantelpiece.

There’s more to Twile than just this infographic. See for yourself!

Bringing family history to life

So Twile is now free for you and all of your family – go ahead and build an awesome timeline of your family story, together!

If you aren’t familiar with Twile, it is a beautiful online platform for building and sharing a multimedia timeline of your family history. You mark the events in your family’s history and add details, stories and photos. You control your timeline and decide who can see and share it. With your permission, other family members can add their own content to the timeline.

Source: Bringing family history to life


The Story Of Your Family

The Story Of Your Family – from Twile . . .

Create an amazing timeline of your family story – everything that’s happened in your family, from your earliest ancestors right through to today.

Twile is a timeline of everything that’s happened in your family from your earliest ancestors right through to today.

Totally private for your family and nobody else.

Collaborate to capture events, photos and memories together, forever on the same endless timeline.