Adding Checklists to a Scrivener Project

Build a writing support section in your Scrivener project with checklists

Building on the idea to include writing and editing support within my Scrivener project, I’ve found a very nice proofreading guide thanks to Indiana University. By saving it as a web archive file, I was able to easily incorporate it into the Style Guide section of my project. For more information on web archive files – and how to use them in Scrivener – see Setting Up a Scrivener Project. Other…

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Scribd Desktop Uploader

If you have a number of documents to upload to Scribd, the web-based uploader can make it a tedious process. Thank goodness there’s a free Scribd Uploader desktop app to make bulk uploads much easier. All you do is click the plus button to add documents to the upload list. Select a document, then click the Information button to display the slide-out details pane and enter your metadata. There’s…

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