Your Family Infographic

Have you checked out Twile yet? It’s the gorgeous way to create a timeline of your family’s history. They have always had this very cool infographic showing stats about your family, but it was only in digital format. Not any more!

Previously only available as a digital version to share online, you can now order your infographic as a high resolution print, to add to the family album or show off in a frame over the mantelpiece.

There’s more to Twile than just this infographic. See for yourself!

A New England Hogwarts

True to form, J.K. Rowling released a story this week about the founding of America’s School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ilvermorny, whose location was on the highest peak of Mount Greylock in the mountains of western Massachusetts. For most fans, the news was very exciting, as it was her latest addition to the magical world of Harry Potter. However, for genealogists, J.K.’s newest story fit so nicely into the known history of the founding of New England that we could hardly contain our excitement.

Source: A New England Hogwarts – Vita Brevis


Call for Submissions! The Greatest Love Story Ever Told


One of the best things about conducting family history research is recording the incredible stories you get to hear from older family members; what their lives were like back in the day, how they endured the struggles of the Great Depression and how they managed to find (and keep) true love…

How do I love thee? I haven’t found a connection between my Barretts and Elizabeth – yet – but that won’t stop me from telling a family love or two for Crestleaf’s Valentine special.

Call for Submissions! The Greatest Love Story Ever Told