Genealogy & Gophers – Who Knew?

Genealogy & Gophers – Who Knew?


Did you know that there are thousands of digitized family histories, regional and local histories, genealogy magazines along with how-to books, gazetteers, newsletters, and medieval histories freely available online? Organizations like Project Gutenberg, FamilySearch, Internet Archive, Google Books and educational institutions have been digitizing old books for years. That’s both good news and…

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Anatomy of an Information Trap

Leo asked me to define Information Trap. So here goes: it’s a trap for information. HA! No, seriously, an “information trap” is a monitor placed on the Web in general or on specific Web site or network to grab new or updated information. I use the term “information trap” instead of “Web monitor” because often people think that a Web monitor monitors a Web server in case it goes down.

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