iPad Genealogy

Can the iPad replace the desktop for genealogy research? http://wp.me/pUz7q-47j

Lately I’ve found I’m spending more and more research time on my iPad. There are two reasons for this – Evernote and MobileFamilyTree [iOS – $14.99]. MobileFamilyTree has a companion app for the desktop called MacFamilyTree [Mac – $49.99] but although both can use the same database when it’s stored on iCloud, the mobile app is entirely independent of the desktop version. I believe at the moment,…

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Manage your research with Evernote and tags

Manage your research with Evernote and tags … http://wp.me/pUz7q-4Ex

Evernote is an amazing tool for managing genealogical research. With Evernote you’ll not only have all your research with you wherever you go, but you can have any item of information in front of your eyes in just seconds. Forget folders for each surname and duplicating records when multiple surnames are involved. With Evernote you only need one notebook. Mine’s called Family Research. Everything…

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