Short Course Videos at Ancestry Academy

Ancestry has added a number of short videos discussing research tips on various research resources and techniques. While they are focused on Ancestry content, they do offer research techniques that are useful wherever you are searching. They are free and can be accessed in your web browser or using their new Ancestry Academy apps for mobile devices. The apps are also free. 

Learn more at: Ancestry Academy

Genealogy Societies in an Age of Digital Technology

Amy Johnson Crow interviewed D. Joshua Taylor at the RootsTech conference. She posed the question “In today’s world of social media, where everyone is sharing seemingly everything, do we still need genealogy societies.”

This got me thinking. Genealogy societies have always been a partner to my research. They had resources that could help me with my research. You could say that genealogy societies were the databases before the internet. The members would visit local libraries, archives, county offices, court houses, cemeteries and churches in their area and transcribe information that was a boon to researchers.

Source: · The Importance of Genealogy Societies in an Age of Digital Technology at The Passionate Genealogist

Land and Property Records

Land records can tell you where your ancestors lived and when. They may have purchased the property, inherited it or received a government land grant. It can all get quite complicated but fortunately there are a number of great resources to help you learn more about them.