The Amazing Scannable App

The Amazing Scannable App for iPhone

Scannable Scan

Scannable automatically finds the edges of the document and captures the image. Here you see it looking for the edges.

Scannable, the free iOS scanner app from Evernote, is quickly becoming my scanner of choice. When capturing pages in a book, Scannable will automatically flatten the page and straighten out the text. It will save single item scans into either PDF or image files. Multi-page scans…

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Start a Writing Project with Ulysses

Ulysses [Mac – $49.99, iPad – $19.99] is an impressive writing platform yet quite easy to master. Instead of creating individual files for each story element, it creates a library package for your writing projects – much like the library used to manage photos in iPhotos. When a project package is saved in iCloud and you have the companion iPad app, you can easily write just about anywhere.


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