Worldwide Indexing Event – Oct 20-22

If you aren’t familiar with indexing, it is transcribing the information contained on original records to make that record searchable. These include things like census records, court records, military records and much more. Indexing isn’t difficult and it significantly increases the number of records available online. You’ll find details at Worldwide Indexing Event —

Indexing Records at

FamilySearch is sponsoring an online indexing event beginning July 15th. Indexing is what makes records searchable and is a great way to help move genealogical research forward.

Everyone deserves to be remembered and you can help make this possible. No special skills or time commitments are required. Together, we can help people from around the world find and trace their ancestry for free. Watch the video to find out, in just a few short minutes, what indexing is and how it works.

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