DearMYRTLE hangouts

Pat Richley, also known as DearMYRTLE, and her cousin Russ have put Google Hangouts to work as a open genealogy classroom. You can participate in study groups on specific topics or just watch a discussion on various research topics. It’s all free and quite easy to view. All you need is a good Internet connection and either a computer or tablet with speakers.

Visit DearMYRTLE’s hangouts page to see what’s coming up and how to participate.

DNA with Blaine Bettinger

DearREADERS,Thanks to our friend Blaine Bettinger for the informative discussion about DNA test results and the impact this can have in our paper-trail genealogical research. Wdmanaged to discuss autosomal, yDNA and mtDNA testing; mirrored trees, triangulation, and a bit about ethical issues of sharing DNA results.Endogamy includes hundreds of years of intermarriage so it’s all…

Details at ARCHIVED: DNA with Blaine Bettinger (discussion) — DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog