DearMYRTLE hangouts

Pat Richley, also known as DearMYRTLE, and her cousin Russ have put Google Hangouts to work as a open genealogy classroom. You can participate in study groups on specific topics or just watch a discussion on various research topics. It’s all free and quite easy to view. All you need is a good Internet connection and either a computer or tablet with speakers.

Visit DearMYRTLE’s hangouts page to see what’s coming up and how to participate.

DNA with Blaine Bettinger

DearREADERS,Thanks to our friend Blaine Bettinger for the informative discussion about DNA test results and the impact this can have in our paper-trail genealogical research. Wdmanaged to discuss autosomal, yDNA and mtDNA testing; mirrored trees, triangulation, and a bit about ethical issues of sharing DNA results.Endogamy includes hundreds of years of intermarriage so it’s all…

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ESM QuickLesson 14

DearREADERS,Although we attempted to make the distinction between “official” typed documents and “transcripts” this session boiled down to understanding this phrase from Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Quick Lesson 14:”The most expert typist is not always competent to transcribe handwritten documents exactly. From this fact stems one of the gravest problems of the editing and publishing of…

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MyHeritage PedigreeMap demo

DearREADERS,Unlike traditional “genealogy-to-map” integration software that provide a static result, MyHeritage PedigreeMap(tm) is highly interactive. Those lightening-fast computers at compare one’s online tree to known locations on Google Maps providing a zoomable and filterable set of map points along with indications of whose profile items are reflected on the map. But PedigreeMap(tm) isn’t just…

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DNA with Blaine Bettinger

DearREADERS,Confused about DNA? Mirrored trees? Triangulation? Join us this for a hangout featuring Blaine Bettinger, author of The Genetic Genealogist Blog. Busy as ever with lectures, institute classes and such, Blaine has two books coming out within the next few weeks:Genetic Genealogy in Practice by Blaine T. Bettinger and Debie Parker Wayne, published by our…

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ESM QuickLesson Study Group

DearREADERS,We had a different focus this week in our ESM’s QuickLessons Study Group. Initially, we spotlight a thread of posts in Elizabeth Shown Mills forum at her website “The Editor” is very responsive to questions from her followers. Ol’ Myrt here recommends registering (its free) and searching the forum for answers to your citation…

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