Flickr for Maps


Do you think of Flickr when you think of maps? Maybe you should.

We already know that Flickr is more than just a photo-sharing platform. It is also an impressive online gallery for a growing number of the world’s prestigious institutions. You can find some truly amazing things here – like these historical maps. If you are looking for historical maps and images to support your research, take a look at the very searchable collections in Flickr Commons.

1783 Map of US Eastern Seaboard


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Flickr on the Desktop

Flickery puts Flickr on my desktop

Mac users looking for a Flickr desktop manager will find Flickery [Mac – $14.99] quite impressive.

Flickry app screenshot


Flickery desktop

In this example, you are looking at my photo collection in Flickr. The panel on the left allows me to wander through my albums, galleries and groups. The center panel displays the content of the selected item – in this case a photoset. Using the panel on the right, I can add/update…

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Find Creative Commons Images with Photo Pin

Find Creative Commons images with Photo Pin

Photo Pin

If you’re looking for photos to use on your blog on in a publishing project, you need to add Photo Pin to your bookmarks. This delightful search engine will search Flickr for Creative Commons images matching your search criteria. Search results are displayed as thumbnails which link to a larger preview of the image and a panel with download options and attribution information.

Photo Pin is a…

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The Commons at Flickr

Flickr is an online photo-sharing archive owned by Yahoo. Anyone can create a free account and receive 1TB of space to upload photos (enough room to store 500,000 or so photographs). There are many other great features that make Flickr very useful, but one of the most amazing things about this platform is The Commons. A number of public archives from around the world have made some or all of their historical photographs available here. You’ll find collections from national archives, national museums, libraries, state and regional libraries – and even NASA.

The photos are amazing, but many of these institutions have taken advantage of Flickr’s social features to allow the public to add their comments about the photographs. As a result, the institutions have been able to learn even more about their collections. The public comments have identified people in the photographs as well as landmarks, places and sometimes even dates.

Llambias House via The Commons at Flickr

For Florida researchers, the state archives has an impressive collection displayed here. The Florida Memory collection is organized into sets based on a range of topics which includes historical maps and postcards.

The Commons can be a useful research tool, but beware … it’s not hard to get lost in all these amazing photographs.