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From MyHeritage blog:

We’re happy to announce the launch of PedigreeMap™, an innovative way to visualize your family history. PedigreeMap plots events from your family tree such as births, marriages, and deaths, as well as digital and scanned photos on an interactive world map.

Have you ever wondered how close your ancestors lived to one another? Where exactly your great-grandmother was born? Seeing significant events from your family’s past on a map allows you to gain a clearer picture of your family’s journey. Trace the locations of your ancestors and get new geographical and historical insights into your family history. You may suddenly realize that all of your grandparents come from a tiny region in Europe; or that your second cousins are actually your neighbors.

PedigreeMap displays all your photos and events grouped by country and location, allowing you to easily filter the map to view it by person, family group, event type, and time period. If you have a tablet device, such as an iPad or an Android tablet, PedigreeMap will look awesome on it. You will be able to pan and zoom with your fingers, and enjoy the maps tremendously.

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New enhancements to the FamilySearch Catalog.

You may not have noticed, but the Family History Library Catalog has now become the FamilySearch Catalog. The difference is significant in that the newer catalog contains entries from many of the FamilySearch Centers around the world. There is a link to view the content of the catalogs of the other Centers around the world in a drop-down menu. Likewise, when you view any catalog item, you can see if the item is available in any of the other Centers around the world.

Via Genealogy’s Star

New enhancements to the FamilySearch Catalog.