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ESM QuickLesson 14

DearREADERS,Although we attempted to make the distinction between “official” typed documents and “transcripts” this session boiled down to understanding this phrase from Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Quick Lesson 14:”The most expert typist is not always competent to transcribe handwritten documents exactly. From this fact stems one of the gravest problems of the editing and publishing of…

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Research Notes

MyHeritage PedigreeMap demo

DearREADERS,Unlike traditional “genealogy-to-map” integration software that provide a static result, MyHeritage PedigreeMap(tm) is highly interactive. Those lightening-fast computers at compare one’s online tree to known locations on Google Maps providing a zoomable and filterable set of map points along with indications of whose profile items are reflected on the map. But PedigreeMap(tm) isn’t just…

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