Collaboration Made Easy With Simplenote

Collaboration Made Easy With Simplenote

How does a small genealogical society with limited resources make it possible for board members and staff to easily access needed information like meeting agendas, speakers lists, scheduled presentations and news releases? They use Simplenote. Simplenote ( is exactly what its name says it is  … a simple way to create and share notes. Even better, it is free. Automattic,…

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Protecting Your Privacy

If you are looking for networking options that do protect your privacy, you might take a look at You won’t be bombarded with advertisements either. MeWe operates as a “freemium” service. Every user receives 8GB of storage (for photos, videos, files, etc.) at no cost. Should you need more, you can add it via an in-app purchase. Other paid services include Secret Chat, custom emojis and more. MeWe also supports groups and there are a number of groups focused on genealogy.


User home page in MeWe

The genealogy groups I joined are quite active. It’s easy to start a conversation or ask for help. Take a look at MeWe. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.