Interesting Archives for February kicked off February with the Definitive List of Slaves and Property, 1827-1828.

This series consists of a list, furnished by the Secretary of State to the commission that lists slaves and property for which citizens of the United States claimed indemnification. The list, for eight States and the District of Columbia, contains the names of 3,608 slaves valued at $1,190,610 and a list of property valued at $306,956.27. It usually gives the following information about each claim:

  • Name of claimant
  • Names of slaves
  • Estimate value of slaves
  • Description of documents submitted as proof

Fold3’s American Battle Monuments Commission collection is freely accessible and contains information from the 24 overseas cemeteries and 25 memorials, monuments and markers the commission maintains. This information consists of service information, birth and death dates and notes related to each individual’s status, awards received and circumstances of death. This collection is 100% complete. You can learn more about the American Battle Monuments Commission here.

Happy 8th Birthday, Flickr Commons! (LOC)”
Found on Flickr Commons . . . The Library of Congress created an album of “festival” photos to celebrate the 8th birthday of Flickr Commons. Although this 1936/37 photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston isn’t a festival, it is festive. The Library described it as the “bridge with birthday candles”.

If you haven’t visited Flickr Commons you are missing some fabulous photo collections from all over the world. And, it’s quite searchable!

Are you doing World War II research? This index of military and civilian prisoners of war of the Japanese might be useful. You’ll find it at

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