Before you let government take over Internet access, you may want to see what they want to do with music. Via ebookporn:

This horribly dull government report could change music forever. We read it for you.

The US Copyright Office released a 245 page report Thursday afternoon proposing radical changes to the way music is licensed. In a world where the only sector of the industry that’s seeing growth is streaming, the laws governing how music is paid for and consumed are still based on mechanical pianos. There’s an absurd disconnect between the way streaming services function (arguably the future of the music industry) and the way they are asked to pay for the music they bring to consumers. “From a copyright perspective,” the report states, “we are trying to deliver bits and bytes through a Victrola.”
“Many of the specific recommendations throughout the report unfairly discriminate against digital technologies while supporting the further consolidation of market power among the handful of major corporations and their affiliated associations which dominate music licensing,” Knife said in a statement.


Music has always been the canary in the coal mine with regard to how content distribution models evolve in the digital age. ~ eP

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