GenealogyBank Newspaper Updates

Newspapers in the following areas were added to or updated during the last month.

* indicates a new newspaper from this area was added this month.

*California, Fresno (1888-1896)
Colorado, Denver (1908-1917)
Florida, Bradenton (1923)
Florida, Tampa (1925-1926)
*Georgia, Cornelia (2013)
*Georgia, Dawsonville (2013)
Illinois, Rockford (1925-1959)
*Indiana, Batesville (2010-Current)
Louisiana, Baton Rouge (1981-1990)
Louisiana, New Orleans (1978)
Massachusetts, Boston (1990-1991)
*Massachusetts, Jamaica Plain (2006-Current)
Michigan, Adrian (1898-1906)
Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie (1903-1920)
Nebraska, Omaha (1906)
*New York, New York (1857-1868, 1910-1920)
New York, Watertown (1854-1857)
North Carolina, Greensboro (1949-1954)
*North Carolina, Raleigh (1877-1880)
Ohio, Canton (1884-1921)
Pennsylvania, Erie (1912-1916)
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro (1919)
*South Carolina, Beaufort (2002-Current)
Virginia, Richmond (1954-1972)

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